Design Automation

    We utilize CAD program in mould design. Manufacturing data, which produced by CAD, can directly control processing of numerically-controlled machine. We are able to develop design according to customer's requirement or sample, to develop mould file, which meet customer's demand in a rapid, accurate manner. Owned Equipment: 5 pcs Sun Workstation, Application software: CV-CADDSS, UG-2, C-MOLD
Scientific Process:

    Advanced Processing Equipment:
       Japan SODICK EDCM
       CNC Equipment, (451, V1250,MCV1020, MCV-1700)

    To meet users' demand is our standard. Our target is to make consumer use easily. We provide service as follows:
1. Mould design according to customer's demand.
2. Design and manufacture according to sample
3.Processing according to sample drawing
We can modify the product by customer's demand until customer feel satisfied.

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