Screen Showing System
    Vtron Cor Corporation is a new competitor in the fields of multiscreen display wall system and is moving to a widely acknologed worldwide leading position.
    Vtron has formed a professional team committing to the newest development of to the technology of projiction wall systems and her products cover Visionpro XGA display wall cubes, Digicom controllers and entire Vtron display wall systems.
    Digicom is the world's most advanced controller characterized by the most perfect platforms, strong networking capability, rich software, and friendly interfaces.
    Visionpro XGA adopts the most advanced DLP  display technology to present the most brilliant and life-like digital images. Vtron's SJT (Seamless Join Technology) and modular design produce the most ideal display wall.
    Vtron offers you projiction display wall systems of the 21st century and the best services!
,RGB insertion: any computer's RGB graphics output can be inserted into the wall's display.
,Video insertion: the system supports real time live video insertion.
,Direct input to cube: RGB/video can be directly sent to a signle cube.
,Remote control: remote users can share the display wall via networks with their own keyboards and mice.
,Remote access:remote computer's files can be transferred to the system and displayed on the wall.
,Clinet/Server architecture: the system fully supports the X windows clients run on local hosts or other workstations to display their windows on the wall.
,Multipied resolution: the wall obtains multiplied resolution by stacking multiple cubes and gives far more image details.
,Color alignment system: color balance adjustment can be carried out with the cube management software.
,Options of system configuration: different system configurations can be flexibly customized for users.
,Redundant power supply: the N+1 true redundant hot swappable power supplies equipped in the controller greatly increase the system reliabitiy.

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