Successful Case
    Product Localization Case Analysis
    This case is our corporation for international company in Chinese joint enterprise implement mate localization practicality case. It succeed in our and internal or other international corporation produce localization establish a wonderful template .This case is in accordance with international xxx company electron produce implement a serials of working. For example:
  1 Step: Cognizance Integrate
    1.Requirement and Feasibility Analysis
    2.Analysize Result
    3.Policy Establish
  2. Step: Organization Fulfill, Divide The Work Imputation
    1.Cooperation Company Localization Organization Institution
    2.SHEN RI Tech CO.,LTD Localization Accelerate Group
  3.Step: Product Localization Analysis
    1.All kinds of Component Account Scale
    2.Localization Component Choose and Plan
  4:Step: Localization Process Advance
    1.Prospectus Establish
    2.Aperiodicity Communion and Summary

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